Antoniou studios's ideal location, which is 10 meters away
from the beach, offers the visitor the advantage to enjoy the beach,
to swim and relax any time during the day.

Just beyond the studios, about 50 meters away, there is an organized beach with tables and chairs where you can have your swim and to drink a juice, coffee or eat a snack.

If you want to swim in remote and isolated beaches, then it is worth visiting the beaches of Chalkiadas, of Dragonera and Aponisos.


Τhrough a dream-like walk in the pine woods, we reach -500mm. after- a natural emerald bay, with big pebbles and crystal clear waters; the enchanting Chalkiada. The waters initially are shallow but 5m. further down they become quite deep.

Access is hard and needs caution since it is only accessible on foot, because of the big rocks which block the route. Its name is from the many pebbles that cover the beach.


The coastal road after Megalochori turns south and passes parallel to the beach, at a distance from it. It crosses a dense forest and come across beautiful moorings with emerald waters. 

The journey is captivating and combines in utter harmony the pine tree green with the deep blue of the sea. Roughly in the middle of this journey, through a detour, the road takes us to the picturesque, sandy beach of Dragonera. The beach consists of Small and Big Dragonera.

A pebbled beach with deck chais and umbrellas,and sea sports, crystal-clear, shallow waters and pine trees reaching out to the sea.

Big Dragonera has a canteen where you can get coffee, refreshments, ice creams etc. Access to Big and Small Dragonera is easy from an asfalt road.

There is local transportation from 8 in the morning to 7 in the evening, in scheduled routes, outside from Studios Antoniou.


West of Limenaria, we reach an exotic area, where the pine trees embrace the beach of Aponisos

The unique combination of colors reminds you of exotic places, offering you a unique relaxation and calmness. The beach is located in a marvelous location, in the southwest part of Agistri. 

The tavern located there may offer you exquisite sea food snacks with ouzo, right next to the breaking waves.

Pine trees go all the way down to the beach and end up on small flat rocks. Its small bay is used for anchorage by small and bigger boats. There is an organized beach with deck chairs and sea sports, but there are no rooms to let.

Each visitor can come to Aponiso with car or local transportation from 8 in the morning to 7 in the evening, in scheduled routes, outside from Studios Antoniou.

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